The mad genius of Matthew Revert

I have recently — as of the last couple of months — discovered an author who is proving to be hugely influential in my writing mind. Matthew Revert (pronounced ri – VERR) is an Australian absurdist writer (and graphic designer). He is also the author of a good number of short stories, some collected in A Million Versions of Right, as well as the novel, The Tumours Made Me Interesting. He ALSO turns out to be a pretty spot-on graphic designer as well as a blogging curator of mostly graphically interesting finds at Trash Complex.

Being a website designer, a writer and lover of the weird, I feel like I’ve found a lost cousin in discovering Mr. Revert. Of particular interest has been his sharing of a shit-gob of old Penguin paperback covers. They have proven to be an almost daily nostalgic, inspriational walk through an older, simple design mentality. One can certainly see their influence on some instances of his own cover work.
Here’s a link to the first, but do take the time to look at them all.

Finally, take a few minutes to enjoy one of his short stories, Are You Ever Going to Put Me Down?

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