The awesome Kristin Lamb

When it comes to marketing advice for the professional writer, one would be hard-pressed to find a better source than Kristin Lamb, her mighty blog and her god-send books, the latest being “We Are Not Alone.” [Get the Kindle edition here.]

For instance in her currently most recently blog post, “Want to Be a Successful Author? Burn Your Ships!” about how, if we are really prepared to write in a professional way we should be prepared to kill any means of escape from the hard task that writing is, she ends by assuring her followers that blogging IS not only a valid part but of the writer’s life but one that could be considered indispensable. As well as she laid out her argument, it really was her defense of blogging that stuck with me — only because it hit so close to home.

I had all but given up on blogging at the end of November 2012, some nearly two months ago. There had been spans where I blogged Monday through Friday but found the exercise exhausting to my writing any my mental energy. Though I may not return to the days of blogging daily, Kristin made a solid enough argument that I will be returning to blogging to an as yet undecided degree. As with most things, one should seek a balance between the two extremes.

Still, I’m confident that at least one of my fellow authors will question the wisdom of my returning to blogging, but Kristin is right about its benefit to a writer. For one, it keeps one writing — and there’s nothing negative about putting well-though-out words on a page. Second, it keeps one on track with any goals or resolutions he may make.

This post, for instance, isn’t a long one, but already I feel more in-touch with my writing that I have in, well, probably since I stopped blogging.

I say let the nay-sayers nay away — I’m back to bloggin’, bitches.

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