Snap! OR Utilizing mental fatigue to produce writing energy

For years, I have noticed a certain phenomenon I have never heard talked about either in art or psychology circles. For that reason, I don’t know a correct term for it. I call it a mental snap.

If you’ve ever thrown an object competitively — a baseball or a Frisbee — you’ll know that you give a sort of snap right at the end of the throwing motion. Without it the object will travel fine but with a probably unhealthy snap, the object will scream for its mother as it disappears over the horizon.

When I’ve worked all day, especially a long day, especially tedious sorts of tasks like database work or (probably) accounting, my left brain is putty, completely exhausted, whereas my right brain has been napping, hitting the bong, or whatever its been doing while it’s not been doing anything.

That’s when I pick up the guitar and shame even Kottke. That’s when I draw the best centaur I have since middle school. And that’s when I sit down to the keyboard and Mozart out a story faster and with better focus than I have since I learned how to write.


It’s like any other endeavor. If you want to be at your best for an event/activity, you gots to train. If you HAVE to put out words later, count grains of rice. Read Pi to a thousand digits. Watch Fox “News”. Do anything that makes you want to gouge your eyes out and that numbs your creative mind. I guarantee you’ll emerge from your near suicidal stupor charged and ready to write.

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