It’s official: Thomas McAuley’s dream of ArmadilloCon ’12 dies

ArmadilloCon ’12 did a little trick this year. Every since my attendance of it last year, it gradually became less and less of a certain. As soon as ArmadilloCon ’11 ended, there was no doubt as to my going the following year. I had enjoyed it and HorrorCon ’11 but was sure that ArmadilloCon was the closer of the two to my type of writing — not to mention the closer of the two geographically. I had already decided that I would only fully attend one Con in ’12 so the decision was easy.

Then came the latest big revelation that I was incurably weird. Soon after my surrender to this new truth, I learned about BizarroCon ’12 in Portland, Oregon. My involvement in it would necessitate reducing my commitment to ArmadilloCon ’12 to one day. Saturday was the likeliest day as Cons tend to pack the best of the best on that day, knowing that many folks have to work or have kids or whatever and can only swing one day.

So I lived out the next six or so months planning on heading up to Austin tomorrow, Saturday. My younger son didn’t work. He didn’t have soccer practice or a tournament, something that had complicated one Con or another for the previous two years.

I even told a number of folks that my attendance was akin to certainty. Young or beginning writers and writers who were new to the area or hadn’t yet built up a local network of friends or fellow writers. I can’t remember who all I told or verbatim what I said, but I know myself well enough to know what all I’d say — any or all of the following.

“ArmadilloCon? Oh, it’s great. I really learned a lot last year. I’d suggest it, it being so close and all. I’m like 90% sure I’ll be up there on Saturday. That when all the good stuff is scheduled. Head up. At least you’ll know someone up there.”

*uncomfortable snicker*

Saturday is my 23rd anniversary. Not the best time to schedule a day in Austin at a writing convention. We’ve had reservations to Morton’s for a good while, sure, but I’ve known about my upcoming anniversary every year for…22 years.

So BAM! The fucker is dead. I’m out of ArmadilloCon ’12 entirely and will have to set my sights on ’13 with a little more attention to detail.

Did I mention *uncomfortable snicker* ?

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