It’s official: Thomas McAuley is attending BizarroCon 2012

I know the blog title gives it away, but play along for a moment, my little sugar plums. Are you sitting down? Here goes…

It is official! Come mid-November I’ll be flying out to Portland, Oregon to the Edgefield Manor to attend BizarroCon 2012.

There will be readings from folks like Cameron Pierce, Carlton Mellick III and Rose OKeefe. There will be workshops and panels. But the part that I’m looking forward to most is the networking and goofing around with the wall-to-wall weirdos. Oh…and one of the weirdos is reportedly a home brewer. Knowing that, and my being a home drinker has me looking forward to the Bizarro Beer that is reported there each year.

The hotel promises to be extremely cool, too. Edgefield Manor was created as a way of helping folks out before the days of the New Deal.

From the hotel website…

At Edgefield, during its seven-decade run as a poor farm, a remarkable array of personalities congregated under its roof: sea captains, captains of industry, school teachers, ministers, musicians, loggers, nurses, home builders, homemakers, former slaves and slave owners. There were Germans, Italians, Japanese, Chinese, Native Americans, African Americans; Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, and Buddhist. Frankie of “Frankie and Johnny” notoriety was there. The nephew of celebrated Confederate General Stonewall Jackson surpassed age 100 while at Edgefield. The one common thread among them was, at one time (and perhaps others) in their lives, each needed a “leg up.”
The full history can be found here.

November can’t come quickly enough. However, I feel that I have a lot of reading to do before then. I want to have read as many of the folks I’ll be meeting. I know that’s not necessary, but I’m not typically good at striking up conversations and having something substantial to talk about should lessen my anxiety. Everyone, probably artists more than most, enjoys talking about his own work.

The convention tends to be small, they say — between 50 and 100 attendees, so visit for all the information I couldn’t include and easy registration.

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