Haven’t blogged in a while

I’m never sure what the correct etiquette is when a blogger fails to post as regularly as expected. I suppose that is a matter of how popular the blog is. If no one has been reading it, then who cares. Since blog apologies have always made me uncomfortable because the act if blogging is by nature borderline obnoxious and vain, I’ll no apologize. I’ll simply admit that it’s been ages and ages since I last posted and leave it at that.

You haven’t missed anything and I frankly have missed blogging. It had its enjoyable moments but for the most part it was simply a time suck and, too often served as an easy excuse not to write my fiction.

In fact, I should be writing now. I’m in the middle of a fun short story that starts down the path of Poe’s “The Telltale Heart” but spins out in another direction. I’m very hopeful that it will represent a different, more professional direction for my writing. 2014 should shape up to be my first deliberately paced writing year. Still, I won’t go into more details about the story, not wanting to overthink the thing or waste my energy describing it rather than actually writing it.

The only reason I got on the blog in the first place was that Google Analytics came out with an updated version of their tracking code and I wanted to make sure my site had it in the event my blog for whenever my blog becomes a genuinely useful platform tool.

Well, if you read this, look to your left and right and know that, statistically speaking, neither of them will have. That makes you special.

Happy New Year 2014!!! May this year bring you many ideas, words, and the energy to put the two together.